The Method

TJS Evolutionary Method is a frame work of five pillars that become your personal guide and the light needed to shine the path for the journey within. The process that each pillar of this method takes you to is to your deeper parts of self. This is the place where people can uncover the layers where the coping mechanisms become conscious.

These pillars that Tony has developed through 30 years of heart felt research has accrued this phenomenal knowledge, establishing with this an easy path to healing. The five pillars are designed as a doorway to acknowledge love, achieve the results you want, and bring about the miracles you desire. When followed in the given order, it empowers people in 8 key areas of life: spiritual, mental, emotional, career, physical health, financial, relationship, wellbeing and Love.

The TJS Evolutionary Method is in itself an experience to be hold, yielding amazing outcomes for more meaningful and purposeful life. As you read the book you will uncover feelings to maximise your human potential in which you will experience great health, balance and peace. What is uncanny is questions will be answered from within as you uncover each page of your journey in this book. You start to see an underlying order in your current way of being that you don’t normally see.

It’s the science of helping people open their heart and be grateful for the things that occur in their lives so they are not victims of their history but rather, become present and masters of their destiny.

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AlarmThe TJS Evolutionary Method: The ALARM outcomes help you:

  • Acknowledge and own your power (influence)
  • Listen to your body’s wisdom and experience life through the infinite wisdom of love (compassion, acceptance)
  • Accept your authentic self and achieve higher vibrational states of awareness and intelligence. (Become authentic; be true to who you are)
  • Reconnect to your life’s purpose, have greater clarity, and focus (Delivers Results)
  • Master your life, live your dreams. (Creates infinite value)

Reading the book, attending any of Tony’s workshops, seminars, retreats or by working one to one with him you will have the opportunity to go deeper, raise your vibration and expand your consciousness. By doing so you too can address any issues you may have at the root cause and enter the world of effortless flow and miracle manifestation in which you feel nurtured, creative, trustworthy, empowered, healthy and inspired.