Waking Up to War, walking the streets to becoming internationally renowned best-selling and award winning author of two books, human behavior expert, professional speaker, entrepreneur, life, leadership and business success coach. Tony’s story is compelling, heart wrenching, and inspiring. He learned from hard experiences that come from being struck by severe illness at a very young age; by fighting a civil war he despised in which he lost family, friends and his identity; and the harsh circumstances that forced him to flee all that he knew and end up in the streets of London.

Looking back, all that Tony J. Selimi went through to overcome the emotional, physical, health, mental, spiritual, financial, relationship and love challenges looked like a scene from the movie “Mission Impossible”. He spent his first 10 years in London working extremely long hours to get his life back on track, get a roof over his head, and pay for his education. Once he graduated, he then spent next 12 years building a successful IT career; in parallel to that his true passion was learning how to maximize awareness and human potential.

In 2009, after facing the uncertainty of redundancy, he took time to re-evaluate, re-think, and re-asses his life and started his entrepreneurial journey turning his passion to help people find solutions to their life problems into a successful business. His successful track record of working in senior high-pressure roles in a wide range of sectors gives him a unique insight into the lives of his clients and the daily challenges they face. He is a qualified coach recognized by a number of reputable institutions including ICF, ILM, CThA, Demartini Insitute and Martin Brofman’s Foundation of Advanced Healers.

Tony J. Selimi studied many life disciplines which helped him bring his life into great balance and developed the knowledge to help others do the same. He is a human behaviour specialist specializing in working with a range of individuals who experience stress, anger, emptiness and feel their life lacks clarity, vision and purpose.

Tony is the creator of the “TJS Evolutionary Method” a unique methodology concerning maximizing human potential, awareness, and creating a healing mind. Using this powerful and proven method he helps his clients overcome life obstacles, get to the root cause of their issues and help them overcome the feeling of experiencing profound emptiness that holds them back from living an inspired, meaningful and purposeful life.

Tony helps people increase their productivity, longevity, balance their perceptions, and master their emotions so that they purposely move forward.

Tony is passionate about assisting both men and women in becoming excellent value, and heart centred driven Leaders. He loves entrepreneurship, personal and spiritual development, and paving the way for soulful and heart centred leadership to be a part of our day to day life and in every company. He loves to inspire people globally to expand, grow, connect, communicate, and love.

Tony J Selimi

No stranger to the media appearing in various national magazines including Soul and Spirit, Migrant Women, Accelerate Your Business, Changing Careers Magazine, Consciousness Magazine, Your Wellness, Time Out, Soul Mate Relationship World Summit, TV and radio shows including Voice of America and Spirit Radio. He gives inspirational talks on leadership, consciousness, peace, well-being, to spiritual topics, energy and vibration appearing as the key note speaker at Business Show, Yes Group, Animas Coaching Institute, Raw Fest Events and Body Mind Spirit festivals at London Olympia.

He advocates mindfulness, personal development, and coaching as an empowering choice through which businesses, educational systems, governments, leaders, adults, and children can unlock their true potential. Tony beliefs in the positive impact coaching has on our personal and professional lives, in our communities, society, and universally.

Tony J Selimi is renowned for his ability to see through peoples problems, thought patterns, and get to the core of his client’s issues, support them in their journey to self-love, be more, expand their vision of whats possible. Tony holds a safe trustworthy space in which his client’s can self reflect, grow, find clarity, and expand their consciousness.

Tony is known for creating amazing transformation and leaving his clients feeling inspired, empowered, peaceful, and reconnected to their infinite wisdom of love.

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